A Little Bit About Me...
After over a decade as a graphic designer, this is what I've learned about myself: I like to solve problems and I like to help people. The fact that I get to do those things using fonts and images makes me happy.

I almost think of my job as more of an information architect. My task is to organize information in a way that makes it easy to read and understand. Sometimes there are constraints (such a branding guidelines) and sometimes my design choices are completely up to me. Whatever the case may be, I'm always thrilled to deliver a finished piece that meets objectives and makes my clients happy.

Anything well designed catches my eye, and while I'm drawn to print and most of my background is in print design - I also love the web. I've spent just as much time playing with HTML and CSS as I have creating files for print. While it's great to have a finished printed product to hold in my hands, the almost instant gratification of designing for the web is also pretty awesome.

Not Houston?
Growing up in the early 80's, whenever I told someone my name was Whitney, the question "Houston?" always followed. In fact, in the mid 90's when I had a very simple one-page web site, I received an e-mail from an elementary school class thinking they had found Whitney Houston's site. That's when the "not houston" idea was born. Originally, I had considered it an option for a personalized license plate, but eventually found it was a domain name that hadn't been taken and this little corner of the web was born.

If you'd like to see a resume, feel free to say hello at whitneybee [at] gmail [dot] com.